Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lord's Prayer Color Felt Prayer Book

This week's lesson focused on the Lord, Our Father.  We started off our lesson discussing fathers and the roles they play in the lives of our kids, and compared this to the role of God our Father and how he cares for each one of us.

For our project, we created a small book on the Lord's Prayer, using a modified version of a Ribbon Bookmark craft featured at . 

For our younger audience, we decided to go with a more tactile approach.  We created flip books with small squares of felt for each color and part of the prayer.

Supplies:  Binder Rings (Yarn would probably also work); Felt in the following colors:  Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, White and Black; large index cards (8 per student); markers; hole punch; glue; and the printable text, (print for free here).

For preparation, cut small squares of the felt, one square of each color for each child.  If time is limited, precut the text into small squares/rectangles around the text as well.

The students will create their own cover page that states "Our Father" "The Lord's Prayer".  For each additional page they will glue on the paper text and matching felt square.  Hole punch the top left corner of each page and fasten them together in a book on a binder ring or piece of yarn.


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