Saturday, October 12, 2013

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Costume

Last All Saints Day, our daughter chose St. Elizabeth of Hungary for her All Saints Day costume and diorama project.

We had actually picked up the "renaissance princess" costume the prior year on clearance, which helped guide our daughter to pick a royal saint.  I found some similar costumes on Amazon for around $25.00, either the Reinassance Princess (blue theme) for $19.99 or the Little Adventures Red Winter Princess dress for $29.99 could work.  These types of costumes can often be found in costume stores as well.

I made a red cape to add to the look.  I don't really sew, so I purchased a burgundy-red velvet(ish) dress from our local thrift store (it was a Christmas dress with white fur trim).  I cut off the trim, and cut it down the center.  I turned the sleeves inside out and used fabric glue to close up the armholes and put a few stiches in the top part to make it fit like a cape (but left the neckhole plenty big to fit on and off easily.  I found a red cape for $29.99 on Amazon, or a blue cape for $24.99 on Amazon that would work (my option with the modified dress cost around $4.00 in comparison, but more hunting and prep work would be required).

For her headdress, we ordered a crown from Amazon.  Here is link to the exact crown pictured, the cost is $4.00.  For the white cloth underneath it, I repurposed a veil from a prior Mary costume, but I would think any white cloth would work.  The crown held it in place nicely.

To accessorize, we purchased a small wicker basket from the thrift store, and two small baguettes from the grocery store that I hot glued into the basket.   (St. Elizabeth is often pictured with bread due to her devotion to the poor and hungry).

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