Sunday, October 20, 2013

7 Days of Creation


Today's focus was on the Creation Story.  We used an object lesson to aide our group lesson and discussion on the topic.

Prior to class, we prepared seven small paper bags, decorated them with numbers (1-7)--I found some free calendar printable numbers from a preschool site-- and tied them up with ribbon and lined them up on the floor in the center of our circle.  After reading from our text books, we passed out the bags to the students (or pairs of students-we have more kids than bags) and then took turns having the kids open their "gifts" from God for each day of creation.

We used frogs because this is our theme for the year (see our prior post on the "Hoppy to know our Prayers" bulletin board and matching Frog prayer books).

For the first bag, Day 1 of creation, we placed a small flashlight in the bag to represent darkness and light.

For the second bag, Day 2 of creation, we found a piece of sky blue felt and had stretched a few cotton balls and glued them on as clouds and had the felt folded in the bag.  This represented God's creation of the skies.

For the third bag, Day 3 of creation, we had a small container of dirt and a small container of water to represent God's creation of the land and seas. (this bag is ripped, the kids opening this one were pretty eager!)

For the fourth bag, Day 4 of creation, we had some small silver star confetti, and I took two small Styrofoam balls, cut one into a crescent moon shape and the other I kept whole and painted them both yellow.  This represented the sun, moon and stars.

For the fifth bag, Day 5 of creation, we put in a small plastic bird toy and fish toy to represent the fish and birds.

For the sixth bag, Day 6 of creation, we put in a small person (Little People toy) and some animals to represent the creation of man and animals.

For the seventh bag, Day 7 of creation, we put a small plastic bed in the bag (ours was a Little People toy, anything dollhouse size would work) to represent God resting.

For our craft project, we had the kids create Creation Wheels, a copy-printable from the book Bible Wheels to Make and Enjoy to reinforce the lesson when the kids went home.

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