Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saint Puppets- St. Elizabeth of Hungary and St. Francis

For our last class before All Saints Day, we decided to act out a St. Francis skit with puppets, and have the class make puppets.

Using the free downloadable e-book from we created St. Francis using the Head, Franciscan Hair, Praying Hands and Bird templates.

For St. Elizabeth of Hungary, we had to be a bit more creative.  We used the templates for the crown, veil, shoulder cape, cape, dress and hands.  To create the bread basket, we used the baby template, shrunk it down some, and freehanded the three loaves of bread for the basket.  We used the St. Elizabeth puppet for our first graders (who happen to mostly all be girls) and our St. Francis puppet for our Kindergarten and younger kids as it is easier to put together.

Our daughter also appeared in person as St. Elizabeth of Hungary, giving her oral report to prepare for her report in school the coming week.

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