Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All Saints Day- Saints Stations

For the next three weeks, our class will be working on activities related to All Saints Day.  For for our first class, we focused on learning about what a Saint is (God's friends and our friends in Heaven) and gaining familiarity with some of the saints.

After our circle time and review of our text book section on Holy People, we set up five stations in our class room.  We divided our children into five small groups of 2-3 kids, and had them rotate through the following stations to have them "live like a saint"

Station 1:  St. Francis

We placed two small plastic containers next to each other.  In one container, we placed a small amount of birdseed (about a half a cup) and had the kids use a teaspoon to move the birdseed from one container to the other to help feed the birds and care for God's creation, like St. Francis.

Station 2:  St. Vincent de Paul

We brought in one of our daughter's Build a Bear animals with a dress and shoes.  The children took turns dressing the animal to "clothe the naked" like St. Vincent de Paul.

Station 3:  St. Teresa of Calcutta

We brought in a doll and a wrap bandage.  The kids took turns bandaging up the doll to take care of the sick like St. Teresa.

Station 4:  St. Nicholas

We had a child's shoe, and three coins.  The kids took turns tossing the coins into the shoe from a distance, to be like St. Nicholas dropping coins in children's shoes.

Station 5:  St. Elizabeth of Hungary

We brought in 9 small cans of tomato sauce and had the kids take turns arranging them into a stacked pyramid or tower to "feed the hungary" like St. Elizabeth.

To finish our class, we made the All Saints Day Buckets, found on the Catholic Icing website using orange buckets purchased from Michaels for $1.00 each.

We sent the kids home with a worksheet to complete with their parents to complete their "Saints Posse" or a team of saints in Heaven praying for them.  This can be found on the Loyala Press website.  We are hoping at least a few come back with it next week for discussion.

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Great idea. Thanks for sharing!