Sunday, October 7, 2012

Noah's Ark Prayer Flip Books- w/ Free Printables!

We kicked off our first RE class of the year with new and improved prayer flip books, similar to our bumble bee hive books and theme of the previous year.

Our theme this year is Noah's Ark.  Our bulletin board states "We Noah Our Prayers", and is covered in blue butcher paper.  For each student, we created small Noah's Ark boats listing out their required prayers to memorize for their grade level, and have a space at the bottom in a wave for the child's name.  You can find these Prayer Checklist sheets on our Free Printables Page. 

For our class project for the day, we had the children create their own Noah's Ark Prayer Books.  These flip books, similar to our bee hives last year, can be printed, cut out and stacked to make cute booklets containing all of the required prayers.  The flip books can also be found on our Free Printables Page.

Hope you like these...they took awhile to create, but I like the more polished final look that we have this year as opposed to the bee hives last year.


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