Sunday, November 4, 2012

After Halloween Clearance Sales- Time to Stock up!

Always looking for a deal?  Consider now as the perfect time to stock up on All Saints Day costumes essentials.

Princess Dresses/Costumes:  Perfect for Royal Saints (ie St. Elizabeth of Hungary, etc).

Crushed velvet capses:  add to the the princess dress for a Royal St.

Black Demon-type costumes with black robes:  Nun costumes, some male saints wearing black robes

Short Black Capes:  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Adult Monk or Nun costumes:  We've used these to dress up as saints ourselves for RE class, or have taken the nun headdress to use with a generic black robe in a child size, above for nun saints.  Monk costumes-- great for monks, St. Francis, etc., can be cut down for a child (or shortened with safety pins to "let out" as they get bigger.

White robes (greek-type costumes, angel costumes, ghost costumes, etc)- these can easily be modified for Blessed Theresa of Calcutta (add blue to the borders) or Archangel saints.

Halos-- good for any saint costumes, either sold with angel costumes or as an accessory

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