Sunday, August 5, 2012

Girl Scout Camp Passport Craft

Our Girl Scout Day Camp theme this year was Girl Scout Time Machine. 

To mark our unit's time travel, I prepared passports for each child, and put them on a lanyard (see photo).

I purchased navy blue cardstock (one 12 x 12 sheet made 2 passports), and holographic girl scout trefoil stickers (at Michaels) and holographic letter stickers for the covers.

For the inside, I made a simple template, which I've turned into a printable, here (passport first page printable) .  I cut out the foldable first page, and then several other pages of the same size, folded them together and half and stapled them to our passport covers.

For each day we traveled, I prepared stamps to reflect what we had done for the girls to glue into their passports.  I would leave some of the stamps blank for he girls to draw in their own entries.  I downloaded this template from a site while prepping for camp, but I'm not sure where to give the credit to at this point.  The blank stamp template can be found here .

For the lanyards, I purchased plastic passport covers at Office Depot.  I cut them shorter at the top to fit my passports and reduce the overall size.  On the top, left hand corner, I placed a piece of plastic clear packing tape over the side (not over the corner) and punched a small hole for the lanyard.  (the tape was so it wouldn't tear...and they didn't).  I purchased lanyard hooks from the craft store, as well as green and white plastic lacing. Because I lack any type of braiding or other skills, I simply took three pieces of plastic cording and tied a knot every inch or so for the necklace.

I placed the passports inside, and at the end of each day of camp, passed out the stamps and glue to add to the passports.

The photo, above, shows some of the girls wearing their passports as they did competed in building "tinker toy" marshmellow towers on 1912 day (when tinker toys where invented).

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