Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Girl Scout Camp- 1942 Rations Shopping Activity

For the third day of our Girl Scout Time Machine Camp, we focused on 1942, focusing on WWII on the homefront.  We made Victory Gardens, Star Spangled Crowns and for dinner, we shopped at the Victory Market with our Rations stamps.

The girls each received a shopping list, for tacos or taco salad, and circled the items they would like to purchase.  Then, using their ration book (index cards stamped with letters on each card, for example P for Protein) they purchased items within their limits at the store, and we punched their Rations books with a hole punch.

At our store, we simply labeled each of the food sections with a limit, for example, Bread was limit 1 (either choosing taco chips or taco shells) but veggies were unlimited (easy to grow in your Victory Garden), etc.

The shopping list I used is here as a printable if you would like tacos, or could be duplicated with whatever your group is cooking.

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