Sunday, August 19, 2012

Activity Backpack Hooks---Getting Organized for Fall

The picture quality...not so great, but hopefully good enough to make out this weekend's attempt at organization at our home.

Our daughter is involved in several afterschool activities, including cheer, gymnastics and dance.  Last year, after spending too many nights scrambling to find the right outfit, equipment or other needed items for the various activities, we purchased draw string bags for Cheer and Gymnastics and had them embroidered (from ThirtyOne Gifts).  We then worked with our daughter to make sure she put back her clothes and equipment in the correct bag so it would be ready for the next practice.

Our next challenge was then getting our daughter to find her bag, or better yet, not leave them on the floor or in our cars. 

To give them a home, I found some small initial hooks from Michaels on clearance for $2.00 each.  Since they were fancy, possibly too fancy for my daughter to easily recognize the right hook, I used small black letter stickers to spell out the activity below the initial...School, Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Dance.

They are hung in our multi purpose room next to our daughter's desk and workspace, and relatively near our front door.  As of day two they are working, we'll see if this holds up once the school year starts.

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