Saturday, July 7, 2012

Magnetic Camp Kaper Chart

Each year, I volunteer as a camp counselor at my daughter's Girl Scout Day Camp.  If you've ever been to Girl Scout Camp, you'll be familiar with Kapers, or chores.  Each Girl is assigned a chore every day in camp for upkeep, etc.

Using an idea from Pinterest, I purchased a large oil drip pan from WalMart for $10.00 (in the auto department).  I then purchased paper pockets from a teacher store (although I also saw them later at Dollar Tree).  I purchased letter stickers and used black posterboard to create each of the camp Kapers, and laminated them, and attached magnets to the back.  I similarly put magnets on the back of each pocket.

Since my unit's theme is Girl Scout Time Machine, I made index cards for each girl featuring their name at the top (you can see them sticking out of the pockets) and a sticker of a historical American Girl doll on the card with the year the doll was featured in (we are spending each day of the week focusing on a different time period over the last 100 years.

Each night, I'll switch around the kapers so the kids have something new each day.  To ensure all kids get to represent the unit on Camper Council, I've made 3 kids each of the 4 time periods, and will use the girls with the sticker from the time period being featured that day (for example, Rebecca, 1912 is day 1).

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