Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bumble Bee Bulletin Board Prayer Tracking

As promised earlier, here are some photos of our bumble bee themed bulletin board that we are using with our bee hive prayer books to help the kids in our class learn their prayers.

Each child has a bumble bee cut out purchased from our local teaching store, Launching Success.  You can purchase the same bees online at my amazon store here (we saved the matching flowers for a future project, tbd).

Next to the bumble bee, we have the grade level appropriate checklist (included in the bee hive prayer book downloads on that post).

Each time a child gets a prayer correct, we add a bumble bee sticker on the check box (you can see this next to one of the bees here).

As mentioned, we then give them a bee certificate, and a bee themed prize, and will let them choose something from our larger prize box once they memorize and recite all four prayers to us.

Pretty simple, but something fun for memorizing.  We put a copy of our hive prayer books up on the board , along with our attendance chart.

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