Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 5 All Saints Day Activities

This post could also be titled five projects I wish I had time to do if I homeschooled or had more time in my classroom each week.  Here are some of my favorite Saints activities that I've seen on the web:

1.  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Craft:  "I am contractually obligated to list this craft as my favorite...." which is lawyer speak for this is my own craft so I particularly am found of it.   Have your kids make a craft out of a tp roll and duct tape to make a cute saint. If one had time, I'm sure the simple format of this little saint could be modified to make a collection of saints like some of the other ideas listed here.

2.  I love these adorable Saints Paper Dolls....and she even uploaded the patterns she used for sharing.  How cute and fun would these be to do at home or in an RE class?  Check out all of the details at Ana Braga-Henebry's Journal blog.

3.  How about a fun activity at home (using the clues on this website) or modified for the classroom or church use?  An All Saints Day Scavenger Hunt!  Kate Wicker has included instructions for this fun activity including clues to use for an around the house hunt.  You can check out her webpage here .

4.  In case paper doll saints and tp/duct tape saints aren't enough, check out the adorable Wooden Spoon Saints featured on the Cottage Blessings Blog .  I really like how these crafts lend themselves to something you can add to each year, what a great family or classroom tradition!

5.  Oh, collages...a great go to activity when you need something that doesn't involve a lot of teacher prep work.  We've actually started a box in our classroom where we keep old magazines and extra pictures of saints from projects, fliers, etc. just for this purpose.  Catholic Icing has a great cloud bubble All Saints Day project.  I haven't tried this specific one, but I'm thinking about a modification with pictures of loved ones that have passed and perhaps at the bottom, we are praying for you for an All Souls Day project?

Hope you enjoy these ideas, I know I have and that I appreciate all of those hardworking homeschooling moms and religious ed teachers that share their great ideas with the world!

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