Monday, October 24, 2011

Beehive Prayer Books

One of our tasks as RE teachers is to ensure our kids learn the required prayers for their grade level.  For Kindergartners, it is the Sign of the Cross, Prayer Before Meals, Prayer After Meals and Prayer to One's Guardian Angel.  For our First Graders, it is Glory Be, Hail Mary, Our Father and the Prayer at the Stations of the Cross.

This year, our class adopted a Bumble Bee theme.  Our attendance poster, purchased from Launching Success Learning Store here in Bellingham, features bumble bees and hives.  On our Bulletin Board, each child has his or her own bumble bee along with a small hive listing the required prayers for their grade (photos to follow in a future post).  A link to these checklists can be found here:  Kindergarten Prayer List Hive and here:  First Grade Prayer List Hive .  Each time a child memorizes a prayer and recites it to one of the teachers, they earn a bumble bee sticker on their hive and a small prize and certificate (bumble bee certificates from the back of our attendance chart).

To help the kids learn their prayers at home, each child assembled a Bumble Bee Hive Prayer Booklet to take home with them.  These are hand drawn by me, so they are not super fancy, bee warned!  You can download copies of the books here:  Kindergarten Bee Hive Prayer Booklet or here:  First Grade Bee Hive Prayer Booklet.

Once you print out the booklets, you can copy them onto yellow or tan paper to make the beehives.  Each child should get one complete set of hive materials.  Have each child cut them out separately, they should end up with five separate pieces.

The pieces then stack from largest on the bottom, to smallest on the top.  The top of the stack can be assembled with a few staples. 

To the Left, you can see a sample of the documents
stacked in progression: 

Our Finished Product....

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