Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bumblebee Prayers Prize One

As mentioned in earlier posts, we are using a bumble bee theme in our classroom this year to assist and motivate our K-1 children to memorize the required four prayers for their grade level (Archiocese of Seattle requirements).

When each child is able to successfully recite a prayer to a teacher, we are giving them a small bumblebee certificate (we got ours on the back of an attendance poster from our local teaching store) and a small prize, along with a sticker on their beehive charts, with the goal of four stickers completing the chart resulting in a fun toy prize from our prize box.

For the first prayer the children memorize and recite, we have given them a small bumble bee bookmark that I made prior to class.  When they recited the prayer, I wrote the name of the prayer on their bookmark and gave it to them along with the certificate.  Our plan is to have four different bumble bee prizes to go along with each certificate for prayer memorized.  To stretch this out and allow for us to have enough time to assemble all prizes (or come up with them....I'm still trying to think of a fourth prize) we are only letting them recite one prayer per week.  So far a little over half of our class has recited one prayer.

Here are the instructions and photos for the bookmarks.
 For supplies we purchased Foamies Tounge Depressors (made of craft foam), but a wooden one would also work.  I used two Foamies sticks for each bookmark as they are kind of floppy on their own.  We also purchased large black pom poms, and slightly smaller yellow pom poms, black chenile stems (pipe cleaners) and small googly eyes.

To assemble, we first glued the two sticks together to make them sturdier for a bookmark. 

We then used glue to attach the large black pom pom to the sticks. 

Next, we again used glue to attach the smaller yellow pom pom on the center of the black pom pom,

 and finally glued on the eyeballs to the yellow pom pom.

We allowed them to dry.  Once dry, we attached the black chenile stem wings. 

We folded a pipe cleaner in half, and wrapped it around the black part of the bee...

in our picture I show you what it looks like off of the bee for demonstration purposes, but while making them, we formed the wings on the bee body itself.

On the day of class, we wrote the name of the prayer recited on the bookmark with a permanent marker.  Pretty cute!

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