Sunday, October 2, 2011

7 Days of Creation Paper Plate Book

For our first class of the year, we had the kids make books of paper plates, hole punched and tied together with yarn, to tell the story of the seven days of creation.  I found this idea on a website, and modified for our purposes.

On the first plate, we had the kids write "God Made" and their names on the back of the plate. 

On the second plate, we had them color half of the plate yellow and half of the plate black.

On the third plate, we had them make water and sky.  For the water, we had cut out small rectangles (2 inches by 4 inches) of blue transparent wrap (basket wrap from the craft store) and had them use a glue stick to cover the bottom half with glue.  They then placed the blue clear paper, crumpled, on the glue to represent water.  For the sky, we had them color the top half light blue for the sky, and gave each child two small cotton balls to stretch out and glue to the sky for clouds.

On the fourth plate, we had them make the land and plants.  For the land, we used cork shelf liner, cut in small rectangles, approximately 2" by 4") which they peeled off the backer and stuck to the bottom of half of the plate.  For the plants, we had them use a glue stick to attach two fabric flowers from a plastic lei, and had them draw in the grass and stems with green crayon.

On the fifth plate, we had them make the stars, sun and moon.  We had them color half of the plate light blue, and the other half black.  On the blue side, we had used a circle paper punch, about an inch and half in diameter, to make yellow construction paper suns for each child.  They affixed this with the glue stick.  On the black half, we made crescent moons out of more of the yellow circles we had punched, and gave them small silver star table sprinkles to attach for the stars.

On the sixth plate, we had them attach small orange fish, pre cut out from construction paper.  On top of the fish, we had them attach more of the translucent blue basket wrap, crumpled, to represent water.  For the birds in the sky, we had them color the top half light blue, and gave each child a bird foamie (you could also use stickers or just have them draw a bird).

On the seventh plate, we had them draw green grass on the bottom half, and attach animal foamies and a person foamie on the top half to represent animals and man.  Again, you could also just have the kids draw these if you don't have the stickers handy.

On the eighth plate, the kids wrote "God Rested".  They were all hole punched at the bottom and attached with yarn.

Prior to class, we had printed out short narratives for each day and glued it on the respective day.  Link to our document here:  7 Days of Creation Narrative for Plate Backs

This went fairly well, although we had 18 kids and had only prepped for 15, so we had some scrambling.  Upon reflection, we would preassemble the plates, and instead of yarn, use binder rings to secure the sets of plates.  Otherwise, the mix of coloring, gluing and stickers seemed to work well and keep it interesting, while allowing the kids to create a tool to take home to practice retelling the creation story, one of the objectives for their age group in our archdiocese.

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