Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crowning of Mary

crown only

Crown next to a standard bottle of hand sanitizer (for size!)
This is from May (of course)!  One of our May lessons was regarding Mary, Queen of all the Saints.  To celebrate her, we read a story about her childhood, and made simple crowns for the kids to take with them to either crown a Mary Statue they had at home, or one of the ones in our Parish Center at our church.  I remembered to post this because even in late July, I saw one of our kids' little crowns atop of Mary's head in the Mary near our classroom.

To make the crowns each child was given two chenille stems (pipe cleaners).  We used green, as you can see in the picture.  With the first stem, they made a circle, and then they used the second stem to twist and wrap around the first stem, creating a loosely braided type of look.

We then gave the children access to a variety of small flowers (that I had previously cut off of their stems from some sale bunches I found at the craft store).  The kids stuck in the flowers.  Many stuck in on their own, but we also used the hot glue gun for the flowers that were loose.  The kids loved the simple project, and the next week proudly told us where they had placed their crowns.

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Ed Snyder said...

Neat craft. I'll have to remember that. Thanks!