Sunday, November 15, 2009

Noah's Ark

Today we covered Noah's Ark. We started out class by working on a coloring sheet for our Mary coloring books (see earlier post). We then went to circle time, where we continued to work on the Hail Mary prayer, and used our new liturgical mat (see separate post) with a candle to discuss the liturgical season and color (green/ordinary time).

We retold the story of Noah's ark, with a children's bible and a small Noah's ark toy. We then completed our art project for the week, a Noah's ark made out of paper plates.

Basically, we bought the cheap paperplates from the drugstore. On one whole plate, we had the kids draw the top half with a rainbow, and the bottom half was left blank. We cut a separate plate in half, and colored it like a boat, and stapeled it to the blank half. For the animals, we had the kids draw animals or use cut outs included with our Blest are We handouts (if you have this curriculum available to you).

This worked well for our kids, perfect for kindergartners, maybe on the more basic side for first graders.

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