Saturday, October 10, 2009

Liturgical Year Game

This week we are covering the Litugical Year. Ideally, kids come into class with some idea of the changing seasons in the church, as they attend Mass, encourage kids to notice to colors of the vestments and fabrics in the church- as they learn colors, they can easily learn the basic seasons in the church.

Purple, for example, is a time of waiting in the church, and can be exciting as we prepare for Easter and Christmas in our homes.

We have used various methods to teach the Liturgical year in the past, including our usual activity, making a "perpetual calendar" of sorts with a half-page sized card with the name and a symbol from each season, and have the children color it in the appropriate color. We then punch a hole in the corner of each card, place the cards in the order of the liturgical year, place them on a binder ring, and they have "calendar" to keep track of the seasons as we move through the liturgical year in the church.   Document to come at a future date.

Since we did this last year, we decided to come up with something new for this year since we have many of the same children again. We are making a game this year, based roughly on Candyland. I've used a basic game board template, and made basic cards, to be printed out on cardstock. I'm still trying to think of what to use as the game pieces, I may find some poker-like chips or the like to use with the kids, so we can each send them home with two markers, a game board (on cardstock) and one set of cards.

The game will work like this- the board will be colored in the colors of the seasons. The cards will be with the names of the seasons on them. The parent (or a reading child) will read off the name of the season, and the child will go to the nearest color of that season on the board (think candyland).

Liturgical Board Game

Liturgical Game Cards


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