Saturday, October 10, 2009

Creation Lesson Plan

This week we focused on Creation, that God created the world. We started our class by coloring another image of Mary (see our prior posting for our ongoing Mary coloring book details).

We then read the Creation Story to the kids out of a Children's Bible. This followed with lots of interest, and questions, including "but my sister told us we come from allergy." We think he meant algae, but in any regard, it was a great jumping off point for a discussion from the Catechism on Creation- see 282-289 in the Catechism to discuss with your kids. (a link if you don't have a hard copy: ).

Our craft project for the day was Creation Lacing Cards. We found the activity ready-made in a book called "Easy Christian Crafts- Pk-K" that I purchased at a Christian book store. However the activity could easily be duplicated by creating a half-sheet "card" for each day of creation on card stock, and punching holes in the perimeter with a hole punch. We used regular yarn for the "laces" and covered the ends with tape (like a shoelace end) so that they wouldn't frey.

This project was a hit with the kids, however, if we do it again, we will be better prepared and have all the cards cut out and punched in advance so that the kids could just work on coloring and lacing, and bring some type of bag (ziploc or paperbag) to bring the cards home in, along with the yarn.

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