Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mary Coloring Books--First Class of 09-10 year

For the first class, we started with introductions and learning the "in the name of the father, son, holyspirit- amen" prayer.

Our classes follow a simple pattern, and this year will be no different. As kids arrive, we have a simple coloring activity, followed by circle time. Circle time begins with a prayer, then involves a story or section from our text books, and then this is followed by our craft project.

This year, we decided that the coloring activity each week this year will be a image of Mary. On the first day of class, we gave each child a blue three-prong folder, which they decorated with Mary images and took home. Each week, the intro activity will be another image of Mary, three hole punched, so they can add it to the book.

Mary images/coloring sheets can be found online. Our inspiration for this book was a coloring book of our daughters, called "Mother of God" Coloring Book, that we found at a Catholic Book Store. It is a beautiful, but simple, coloring book that introduces young children to famous images of Mary, with brief descriptions about each one.

Here is the link to the Mary Coloring book on Amazon through my Amazon store:

For some free printable options, check out these links:

Since younger kids are naturally fascinated by Mary, they loved this project and are looking forward to each Mary picture that we will offer weekly. This coincides nicely with our attempt to continue to learn "Hail Mary" which about half of our class knows, and half will be learning this year.

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