Sunday, December 14, 2008

3rd Sunday of Advent- Nativity Coloring Book

We've been snowed out! Unfortunately, RE was cancelled. However, I will post what we would have done, had their been a class today. I don't know how it would have been received, but my guess is that it would have been received well given past experiences with similar projects.

Since this is the Third Sunday of Advent, we would have reviewed our prior projects from the past few weeks (the wreath and the Jesse tree) and asked the kids to discuss the colors in the church (purple/pink) the number of candles lighted on the wreath and any nativity sightings they have seen- the idea is to get excited about the upcoming birthday of Jesus.

At home, we have a couple of nativity scenes- one is a beautiful, hand made ceramic set made by my grandmother (now deceased). We set this up w/o baby Jesus, on the first Sunday of Advent, and add Jesus on Christmas morning (or afternoon as soon as we get home from our holiday travels). This nativity is special, and one that is "look only" in our house. Unwrapping it each year has become a fun tradition.

Our other Nativity scenes include a Little People Nativity. I love this product, as it is perfect for playing, in a very respectful way. We have this set up, but the figures make the journey from around the house to the stable, arriving on Christmas day (we help the figures get closer each night). This is a great discussion prompter at night.

Finally, we have a nativity waterball that sits on our table near our advent wreath- a nice reminder of what we are waiting and anticipating during advent.

Back to the lesson... after discussion, we would have created Advent coloring books. My husband found coloring sheets online, already set up for this purpose. We would have added purple construction paper covers to end up with a nice project to take home and review as we wait for Christmas.

Here is the site for the coloring book:

One more week!

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