Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Activity

We found a cute and easy activity for Thanksgiving (or the Sunday before in our case). We used this to remind kids about Creation as the kids identified things they are thankful for.

DLTK Kids has a cute Thanksgiving "give thanks" paper turkey craft.

This took about the entire hour to complete. We used large pieces of construction paper (11X18) and blew up the pictures above to 154% on the copier. I just cut the feather separate from the rest, only used one strip of feathers, and placed in the top left hand side of the copier, making two sets of these for each child. I placed the rest of the pieces also in the top left hand side as well, one page for each child. (This may be obvious to some, but for me it took some trial and error!).

We had the kids write in what they were thankful for, then cut out and glue to the colored paper. We then had them share their turkeys with the class before we left. An easy project for a week we are pretty busy with lots of family and school commitments.

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