Monday, January 6, 2014

Epiphany/Three Kings Day Game, Craft and Lesson

We started our class as we usually do, with a coloring sheet for the kids to complete as everyone arrives.  A three kings coloring sheet can be found here and printed for free.

To celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, we had the kids create paper crowns of their own.  We pre-purchased white paperboard crowns we bought at Michaels ($2.99 for six crowns) but a similar style, pictured left, is available through my Amazon store, Amazon, (13.49 for 24 crowns).

We had the kids decorate them with crayons, markers and stick-on jewels.  A large pack of stick on jewels can also be purchased through Amazon.

The kids enjoyed making the crowns, and with no glue, it was pretty simple to complete.

For our circle time, we read the story of the three kings to our kids.  We used our text books, but there is also a nice version, also printable for free, on the DLTK kids website.

Also in our circle time, we played a group game.  We discussed the tradition of a Kings Cake with the kids.  Our game used a tiny plastic baby (we purchased them in the cake section at Michaels, they are also on Amazon here).  We told the kids we would have one person be the King and would search for the baby, who was being hidden from King Herod.  The King then went and stood away from the group, eyes closed, while we passed the baby around.  One student then ended up with the baby in their hands, and then we called back the King, who got three guesses to see if he could find the baby Jesus.  The kids in the circle all pretended they were holding the baby, making it tricky.  Whoever had the baby Jesus was then the next King.


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