Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baptism of Jesus/First Luminous Mystery

In class this past week, we shared the scripture story of Jesus's Baptism. In seeking out ideas for our lesson plan, I stumbled upon a version of the first luminous mystery to pray with young children.  I ws excited to find another way to incorporate the Rosary into our class.

We started the class with our kids arriving and completing a coloring sheet on Jesus' Baptism.  We used one from one of our coloring books with reproducibles, however, Catholic Mom also has some nice pages for free to print HERE.

Once all the kids arrived, we moved to our circle.  In the center of the circle, I used our green cloth for ordinary time, and topped it with a baptismal candle, mini baptismal font, white cloth and shell.  We asked the kids to identify the items, and guess what we were talking about, which they did with some prompting and clues.

We then told the story of the Baptism of Jesus out of a children's Bible.  We then got out our rosaries, explained what they were, how to hold them, etc. and walked the kids through one decade with the first luminous mystery, as outlined in this Baptism of Jesus Luminous Mystery handout from

Most of the kids followed along, we added our own commentary in between some of the Hail Marys with the parts of the story included in the handout.  Probably 10 out of our 12 K-1 graders followed along, the other two were squirmy but quiet, I figure they were experiencing the rosary and mystery in their own way. 

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