Friday, December 9, 2011

Adopt a Family- Sugar-y Sweet Gifts!

After lots of planning, shopping and wrapping, our family was finally ready to drop off our gifts to our adopted Christmas family through our church.

When shopping for presents, we spotted this fun pink candy holiday paper at Target, and decided this would be our gift packaging theme. 

Our family (number 31) has a mom, dad and a five year old girl.  We were tasked with purchasing a small gift for the mother and father, and a clothing item and toy for the child, along with stockings for each family member.

Here are the details of what we got/made:


For the dad, we decorated a simple candy green stocking by gluing on colored buttons to spell out dad.  To stuff the stocking, we filled it with socks, gloves, toothpaste, deodarnt spray and some snacks.

For the mom, we decorated a purple stocking with bright buttons as well.  We filled her stocking with candy shaped soap, a cupcake lotion/bodywash set, socks, hairties, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

For Gissele, our five year old girl, we decorated a pink stocking.  We weren't able to fit her name on the top with buttons, so we used stick on felt sparkly letters and spelled her name on the stocking instead, and added a small piece of felt and a button in a candy shape to tie it in with the other stockings.  We filled her stocking with socks, headbands, a zipper pouch, candy shaped soap, hairties and candy themed jewelry, along with some small toys.

For the gifts, we wrapped them in our candy paper, tied them with green and white curling ribbon, and attached each with a hand made name tag and decorated each package with a candy shaped ornament. 

For Gissele, Maddy picked out a set of horses by Melissa and Doug (the girl had requested horses), along with some pink pajamas with horses on them, and a unicorn plush blanket set....all super cute.

For the Mom, we found some warm holiday pajamas, and for the Dad, we found a nicer package of socks and a nut gift set. 

We also included a card, with similar colors and candy featured on the card as well, along with a gift card to a local grocery store.

We were able to fit everything into one large plastic tub, label it clearly, and sealed it up before dropping it off this evening.

All done!  What task will our family take on next as we prepare our home and hearts for Christmas?

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