Friday, November 11, 2011

Top 5 Thanksgiving "What I'm Thankful For" Activities

As we start to prep for Thanksgiving in both our homes and in our classrooms, I've decided to post a round up of some of my favorite activities from the world wide web and many of my fellow bloggers. 

1.  Thankful Tree:  Family Fun features a quick and easy tree project featuring a stick tree and paper leaves with writing on each leaf as to what the child is thankful for.  I would think that it would be easy to duplicate on a smaller scale for the classroom-- you would just need a smaller pot or even a styrofoam or plastic cup (the kids could decorate), some type of medium to hold the stick (concrete, rocks and hot glue, plaster of paris?).  If I were making this for class I would make the sticks and containers ahead of time, and have the project in class be decorating the pot/container, and making the paper leaves. 

2.  Paper Thankfulness Turkey:  DLTK Kids has a simple, ready to print and go turkey project which shares the same general idea as the thankful tree (above).  I've featured this in a previous post in 2009, and have used this project sucessfully in my class.  Because I have young kids, I found the actual printed version from DLTK's website to be too small, so in my post (click the title link) I describe the specifications in which I enlarged the DLTK printouts on the copier for our kids. 

3.  3D Stand-up Turkey:  Crafts for All Seasons is a nice little website that promises "crafty inspiration at your fingertips."  This turkey is a 3D version of the paper version, above, and features my favorite medium, the TP roll!

4.  Thanfulness Wreath  Chica and Jo's website features several different clothespin wreaths.  I could picture a smaller version, perhaps on a small cardboard circle (with the center cut out) for a classroom version, or completing the wreath as pictured as a class together, each child completing a few clothespins, or this would make a nice at home project to complete as a family or in a homeschool setting.  This is a substantial craft that would stand the test of time, being brought out to decorate the front door year after year.

5.  Felt and Yarn Turkey : features a cute turkey made out of styrofoam balls, yarn, craft sticks, paper feathers and felt.  I love the idea of having the kids wrap the balls with yarn...a fun change of pace and good use of fine motor skills.  The version pictured here is pretty large, as mentioned above, this size would be good to make as a class together, or at home.  I'm thinking of trying it on a smaller scale in my class with smaller styrofoam balls, and smaller feathers with one word ideas as to what the kids are thankful for, and attaching them with toothpicks rather than craft sticks.  

What are your favorite thankfulness crafts?  I would love to see your page and possibly link to you in a future story (or use your idea in my class this year, we haven't decided what to do yet), just leave a comment.

I'm thankful fo all of you reading my blog! :)

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