Monday, October 4, 2010

St. Francis Feast Day

For our first class of the year, we learned about St. Francis, as his feast day was the day after class (October 4).

We had the kids color a hand-made coloring book called "St. Francis: A guardian to god's creatures" which had them color a picture of St. Francis on the cover and then think of an animal on each page that St. Francis loved. I'll try to get this scanned and up on Google docs soon.

For circle time, we gave each child a small wooden animal (.25 cents each at Michaels) and had them say a way they think St. Francis would have shown love to that animal (feeding, taking care of, giving a mud bath to pigs- we had all sorts of creative ideas.

We then read a few pages from a beautiful book on St. Francis that we found at the local bookstore. St. Francis of Assisi, A Life of Joy, by Robert Kennedy Jr.

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