Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

For our second class of October, we decided to cover Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

For our intro activity as kids arrived, I printed and used the following coloring sheet of Blessed Teresa (follow the link):
During circle time, we talked about Blessed Teresa, the difference between the title Saint and Blessed, and how we can be like Blessed Teresa in our everyday lives. The book we used was informational and had lots of pictures, covering her life and death:

Finally, we worked on a Mother Teresa craft. For each craft, you will need a toilet paper roll, one pipe cleaner, white duck tape, a wooden or peach bead, a small foam ball, peach paint, tissue paper, blue crayons or markers and glue.

We first covered the toilet paper roll entirely with white duck tape. We then painted the stryofoam balls peach with acrylic paints. We then made the hands and arms by putting a bead in the center of a pipe cleaner, and folding in the sides to the middle to make a figure 8. We then covered each side by wrapping it in white duck tape, and attached the hands to the front of the body by taping them with more duck tape in the back. We had the kids draw on faces (we had painted the balls the night before so we wouldn't have to wait for them to dry) and had them draw blue lines on the edge of a 6" by 4" piece of white tissue paper. We hot glued the heads to the top of the tp roll, and then used elmer's glue to attach the tissue paper around the ball head.

We finished the class with the activities from our Blest Our We textbook (Chapter 19) and had each child tell us how they will do something to help others to live out Blessed Teresa's example during the week.

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