Monday, November 18, 2013

Guardian Angel Craft

   Our lesson this past Sunday focused on Angels, and guardian angels and the Prayer to One's Guardian Angel.
For our craft, we created the above angels.  This project involved a lot of out of class prep and not a lot of in class activity.
We spray painted toilet paper rolls gold, and painted 2 inch Styrofoam balls (the smooth kind) peach before class.  We also pre-cut large gold ribbon, tying a small piece of yarn in the middle of the piece of ribbon to gather the angel wings.  For the angel's hair, we gathered metallic yarn.
In class we had the kids draw on the angel face with a permanent marker.  We then assisted in hot gluing the pre made angel pieces together.  The kids really loved this project-- it didn't take a lot of class time, but gave them something really nice to take home to their home altars.
For our lesson, we discussed angels in depth using our text book.  I also purchased a new book on the internet, Angels for Kids, which provided a lot of information and answers to questions about angels.
While the kids were waiting for assistance with the glue, we had them work on writing out their Guardian Angel prayer.  I purchased a downloadable book, Learning Our Prayers the Write Way which has the kids trace the prayer then write it on their own. The entire book download is only $2.00, and includes permission to share the materials with your whole RE class.  There were several prayers in the book, I just used the Guardian angel prayer but look forward to using other prayers in future lessons.

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