Sunday, March 10, 2013

Last Supper- Plastic Chalice Craft

For our third week of Easter, we focused on the Last Supper. 

For our craft project, we had the students design their own chalice, imagining what they would have presented to Jesus had they been present at the supper.

I purchased plastic champagne glasses at the Dollar Tree in our town (6 glasses for $1.00).  I also purchased some Easter stickers from the Dollar Tree as well.

In our class, we retold another version of the Easter story.  We discussed the Sacrament of Communion, and presented our sample project.

We had the kids practice lining up and bowing before the cup, with their arms crossed (as our kids do not yet take communion yet) and had them practice going up for a blessing and showing reverance to the Sacarament.

For our craft, each child was given a plastic champagne cup.  We used permanent markers, and let the kids color the cups to make them look like either stained glass or jeweled in their appearance, and let them add stickers for fun.  Given we do many coloring crafts, these were a hit as it was something easy to do.  For our youngest preschoolers, we skipped the permanent markers and let them just apply stickers.


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