Saturday, February 23, 2013

Resurrection Eggs and Printable Link!

Each year, we use the Resurrection Eggs to retell the Easter story.  These are sold in a carton, and inside each plastic egg is a symbol from the Easter story.  They aren't Catholic specifically, but can be found in any Christian book store (we got ours at Family Bookstore in Bellingham, WA).  We usually tie this lesson in with a Stations of the Cross coloring book, or one year purchased plastic eggs and made Stations of the Cross eggs in class.  We tell the story at circle time, and pass each egg around to each student as we tell the story.

This year, I found an awesome resource over at, another site that describes using the Resurrection Eggs in class.  Additionally, this site has an awesome FREE printable file folder game with flip open Resurrection eggs to make and take home.  Our plan is to use this activity along with the eggs, and save the Stations for another week during lent.

The Teaching Hearts printable was a bit complicated for our Kindergarten and First Graders, so we modified it slightly.  We only distributed the blank folding eggs, folders and the 12 symbol circles, plus the cover and explanation page to each student.  (We left out the fancy egg number covers and narratives for each egg).  We just had the kids number the eggs 1-12 and decorate them on their own, eliminating some of the cutting and gluing.

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