Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Good Shepard- Craft and Free Printable Lesson Plan

During the Easter Season, we  study the teaching from the Gospel on the Good Shepard.

I'd like to say the sheep pictured was created by one of our K-1 kids, but I'll confess that this is my work and my husband's work.

We found a cute craft on the Family Fun website using a real brown egg.  For our class, I decided it would be fun to make a version out of a plastic egg.  We purchased larger plastic eggs in the Easter clearance section of the drug store, and a small can of brown spray paint.  We pre-spray painted our eggs and let them dry.  (We ran out of paint and used some acrylic paint of a similar color (hence the multi-toned face here).  We drew on the eyes with permanent marker, and attached the legs by making a small oval out of half of a black pipe cleaner.  We then used two more half pipe cleaners to cross the oval and make four little legs (essentially a stand for the egg).  We then attached the egg with glue, and glued on cotton balls and paper ears to finish the sheep.

We rounded out our lesson plan (I actually made a formal lesson plan, which you can find here or on our free printables page) with a puppet show on the Good Shepard with a sheep and person puppet that we found at Michael's Craft Store, and used some of the other puppets we have in our classroom.  We have been building up a puppet collection using garage sales and the Goodwill and have a wolf puppet in our possession already).  We also used some coloring pages, and a prayer to the good shepard, all included in the lesson plan.

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