Thursday, November 17, 2011

Liturgical Year Perpetual Calendar- Free Printable

 One of our favorite and easy projects is to have the kids create their own Liturgical Year perpetual calendars. 

I have created an easy printable that the kids color using the correct liturgical colors.  We usually set up our tables with a bunch of the appropriate colored crayons on each table, and have the kids rotate through the various tables. 

Preprint the number of sets of documents as you have children.  Printing on cardstock is preferable for durability.  They should then be pre-cut in half.  Each child will then assemble their own book, and put a hole in the upper right hand side of each half page and put them in order on a binder ring.  They can then post the calendar using the binder ring, and turn the calendar to the next season as the liturgical year progresses.  As we are getting ready to start the new liturgical year, it is an excellent time to introduce this lesson to your kids.

Liturgical Year Perpetual Calendar

Happy New Liturgical Year to you all!

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