Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bumblebee Prize Number 2

For our second prize to go along with the bumble bee certificates for kids in our class memorizing their second prayer, we made them small bumble bee tins.

These were relatively simple to make.  I used a two inch scalloped paper punch to cut out circles from black and yellow patterned paper.  I hot glued these round discs to the lids of small tin wedding favor boxes.  I then attached a bumble bee sticker to the top.  Pretty simple, and pretty cute!

I've posted the supplies needed for this in my Amazon store if you would like to purchase the items and support my fledgling blog at the same time. 


  Matte Silver Tin  (.50 cents each as of 11/2/11)


     Scalloped Paper Punch (2 inch)  ($11.77 as of 11/2/11)

Bumble Bee Stickers  ($5.32 as of 11/2/11)...Note, I couldn't find the exact same stickers on Amazon, these are from the same company.  Mine were Sticko stickers from Michaels.

Add these to either yellow or black plain or patterned paper, and a hot glue gun, and you are all set.  Happy crafting!

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